La revista Lamono expone las ilustraciones de los artistas que han aparecido en los últimos números de la revista.

Álvaro Barcala

Catherine Fiedler

Sara Gomes

Eva Solano

Clémence Veilhan

Juju’s Delivery

Fefe Talavera

Mapi Gil y Pisu

lamono is an art and urban culture magazine. We live, breathe and move by the passion that awakes art in all their ambits. We ride our lives through music, family & friend, all of them makes us big.

lamono was founded in December 2003 being a monthly free magazine with a national distribution in Spain. Nowadays, after 8 years, lamono has become a print magazine and an online publication, a generator of projects related to art, music, boardsports and a community that shares their tastes and passions with their followers through social medias (twitter, facebook, tumblr and instagram).

As an interactive communication company we develop creative ideas and specific promotions to brands related to our target. Those actions are linked to art, music, photography and fashion treated as a whole through our media circuit.

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